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We preserve and replace teeth to establish optimal oral health and function for our patients.


Dr. Saroj Kumar Saha's practice is dedicated to the preservation of your oral health with conservative periodontal therapy, soft tissue grafting, and enhancing your smile with dental implants.

We collaborate with dental professionals in the metro Denver area to enhance your care. It is our goal to be your home for periodontal and implant related services.

All new patients receive one hour consult appointments that review possible treatment options, patient goals and expectations. Personalized treatment plans are made. We take 3D images in our office to help guide our patients considering a dental implant. We use the latest implant technology (X-Guide) to help guide our dental implants in the correct placement. This will help reduce any chance of implant complications in the future. Our practice strives to connect each patient with their own goals and treatment options.

 If you are considering a dental implant or periodontal therapy, give us a chance!


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We take pride delivering honest and affordable periodontal and implant care.